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Maternal Child Health Grant

A green ribbon with "Mental Health MATTERS" text on a green background, symbolizing mental health awareness.

The Maternal Child Health Grant is one of the nation’s largest federal block grant programs. The State applies for the funding annually; and disperses the money to local public health agencies to work on supporting and improving health outcomes for mothers, children, and their families. The current grant period runs from October 1, 2021- September 30, 2026.

Prior to receiving the grant, we collected data from within our county and conducted surveys on what priority health issues citizens felt needed addressed. From that it was decided the focus of our grant would be on reducing suicide and self-harm rates among youth ages 10 through 19.

Adolescence is a critical and formative period in which individuals begin their transition from childhood to adulthood. Ensuring that adolescents are fully supported in all facets of life, including their mental health and well-being, is critical for fostering this transition and laying the foundation for healthy and productive adulthoods.

Mental health conditions constitute a major burden of disease for adolescents globally. In 2019, it was estimated that 1 in 7 adolescents experience mental health disorders.

Over the next five years, the health department will be collaborating with schools and other organizations in the community to help increase education and resources related to mental health in adolescents.