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Chronic Disease Plans

The Linn County Health Department is committed to decreasing the burden of chronic disease in our county through providing education, developing policy, and promoting healthy lifestyles to our communities.

A chronic disease is a medical condition that lasts 1 year or longer that requires ongoing medical treatment or limits your activities of daily living, or both. Chronic diseases, particularly heart disease, cancer and diabetes, are the leading causes of disability and death in the United States with the Center of Disease Control (CDC) reporting 6 in 10 American adults currently suffer from a chronic disease and 4 in 10 suffer from 2 or more. Seven out of ten Missourians die from a chronic condition each year.

Certain risk behaviors like tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke, poor nutrition, lack of physical activity and excessive alcohol use increase your chances of developing a chronic disease in your lifetime. By making healthier choices, you can reduce your likelihood of getting a chronic disease and improve your quality of life.

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